Modern Golf Gear for Casually Obsessed Golfers

Who We Are:

We are four Golfing (and drinking) buddies who are determined to make awesome golf gear for the everyman.

We were introduced to the game of golf like most people in our generation. By watching Tiger deliver some of the greatest moments in sports history. By heading to the local muni course and hacking it up only to hit one beautiful shot that kept us coming back. And by watching movies like Happy Gilmore and Caddy Shack and learning that there’s humorous side to the game that the average person doesn’t know about.

Golf is known to many as a country club sport and has a reputation of being too stuffy. We want to do our part to dismantle that claim and show the masses that the game of golf is meant for all.

Our favorite place in the whole world is our local muni course. It’s a magical place where some of the tensest matches in the history of our crew has taken place. It’s a place where we have raised the trophy in local charity scrambles. It’s a place where the Mich Ultra flows like wine. We call the course the Augusta of the southside of Indianapolis, complete with its own Amen Corner.

Modern casual golf gear

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Original golf accessories designed by us

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Quality golf apparel for the everyman

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